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Peaceful Aromatherapy Body Cream

Peaceful Aromatherapy Body Cream

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A rich, non-greasy, 100% natural Aromatherapy Body Cream to moisturize, firm, and soothe your skin. Made with a unique blend of pure essential oils and hydrating ingredients, this Body Cream softens, plumps and invigorates your skin, together with the benefits of aromatherapy.

TO USE: Massage into skin, especially dry spots, after a shower or anytime of the day.

8 Oz



Lavender & Lemongrass

Aroma Profile: floral, sweet, herbaceous mint, grassy

Uses / Benefits: May improve concentration and mental clarity. Known for its calming, balancing and antidepressant properties. Some say it helps alleviate anxiety, irritability and nervousness and can help stabilize the emotions, and release anger. Can also enhance creativity.

Harvested Region: France, India



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