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Dream Essential Oil Roller Bottle
Dream Essential Oil Roller Bottle

Dream Essential Oil Roller Bottle

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Pure Essential Oil in a convenient Roller Bottle 

Peppermint, Pink Grapefruit, Bergamot Mint, Cornmint, Litsea Cubeba

Aroma Profile: fresh grassy / minty, citrus fragrance

Uses / Benefits: Known for purifying, cooling, refreshing, stimulating the mind, improving mental clarity and concentration, helps relieve fatigue and depression. It can help revive a person from a fainting spell or shock and relieve some types of headaches. Helps overcome feelings of inferiority. Promotes inspiration and insight.

Harvested Region: USA, Italy

100% Pure, Fair Trade, Certified Organic, Responsibly Wildcrafted and Sustainably Sourced


When breathing in essential oil blends made with pure plant aromas, we can literally transform how we feel in the moment, positively shifting the way we relate to the world around us. There is a powerful connection between the olfaction and the limbic center of our brain which regulates our physiology including mood, memory, and emotion.




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