Lemon Green Tea Tin
Lemon Green Tea Tin

Lemon Green Tea Tin

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Cleanse the body and relieve stress with this soothing blend of antioxidant-rich green tea and therapeutic herbs. Gentle notes of lemon-lime accented with a kiss of honey-like sweetness give this tea an exquisite, graceful flavor to be savored sip after sip.

  • Organic green tea
  • Organic lemon myrtle
  • Pure essential oil of lemon

This tea is USDA Certified Organic.

This signature, Octavia Tea blend features a high-quality Chinese green tea.

Each tin holds approximately 48 teaspoons (16 tablespoons) of loose tea. The number of servings-per-tin varies depending upon the type of tea, leaf size, cup size and desired strength (amount of tea used).

The tin itself measures 6.25 inches tall, 2.75 inches wide and 2 inches deep. Although a tin holds 16 fluid ounces by volume, the actual ounce weight of the tea within varies depending on the density of the leaf.



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