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green tea (tin)

Dragonwell is the most famous Chinese tea, with broad, flat leaves shaped like the blade of a sword. This voluptuous tea envelops the palate with a lovely orchid-like fragrance, a delicious, roasted chestnut-like flavor and an earthy, lingering finish. Often called the national drink of China, Dragon Well is frequently given to visiting heads of state. This tea is rich in antioxidants and promotes mental alertness.

Invigoratingly crisp, clean according to both eye and nose. Mildly & cleanly buttery herbaceous aroma. Sips all them adjectives; backed by a smoky nuttiness & sweet earthen quality.

Transitions via lingering complexities on the palate and from sip to slurp. The latter adding a kind bit of astringency and white pepper. A bit orange blossom honey-dipped Granny Smith apple-y on the far-end.

Smooth and brisk don't often mingle, but here they do. Well rounded near luscious notes of excellent subtle nuance. Leaves themselves have a pleasing and lively aesthetic. A very pretty tea.

This tea can also be called "Dragon Well" or "Long Jing".

  • Green tea from Shifeng mountain - Zhengjiang province, China"

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