Full Moon Lava Stone Aromatherapy Ring

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A delicate version of our signature "Teardrop" lava stone ring, this lava rock aromatherapy ring is little an essential-oil-storing-"cup" which make them, by far, our very favorite way to diffuse essential oils!

With the Lava Stone kept close to you at all times on your ring finger, you will smell your oils ALL DAY! Every time you put you hair behind your ear, rest your chin on your fist, open a door, sit down, stand up, give a hug... you name it, you will smell it!

Black lava stones are hand cut, ground and bezzeled to create these unique essential oil diffuser rings.

Available in silver, and gold and as always hypoallergenic for safe use! These can be used with any essential oils. Simply drop and rub your favorite essential oil onto the stone and enjoy the pleasant aroma for up to a week or more!

Due to the nature of our handmade products and naturally occurring substances, no two volcanic lava stones are identical. We match our rings as closely to "perfect" as possible, but please note they will never look identical to the picture shown.





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